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Through the chaos of everyday life, we depend on our cars to get us where we need to go. But in every day we drive it, through every mile we travel, and every place our car takes us, it can start to get a little dirty. Here at B&K Collision we offer professional car detailing services for your entire car, both inside and out.

From exterior detailing to carpet cleaning, to washing and waxing and everything in between, our professionals focus on all the details of your car to take it from just plain “clean” to “sparkling like new.” Our experience in car detailing means that after you leave our shop, you’ll love the new look and feel of your car – we guarantee it.


Interior Exterior Full Detail
Cars and small SUV’s $85 $90 $160
Pickup Trucks $85 $110 $175
Large SUVs $110 $130 $210


At B&K Repair, we offer far more than just body detailing services. We have the tools and the talent you need to help you with any auto body or collision issue you may encounter, such as:


  • Why should I get my car detailed?

    Regular detailing helps to maintain and preserve the condition of the paint. Detailing and paint maintenance keeps defects such as swirl marks, damage to the clear coat, or scratches from forming and affecting the look, body, and value of your vehicle.

  • What is car detailing?

    Car detailing is a broad term that encompasses a wide number of steps, from exterior paint work and clear coat repair to interior vacuuming, stain removal, and more. Here at B&K Collision we make sure our detailing services are thorough and comprehensive to keep your car looking its best.

  • What kind of vehicles do you detail?

    From daily drivers to luxury vehicles, from pickup trucks to SUVs and everything in between, B&K Collision has the skill and experience to bring your vehicle back to its original look and shine – both inside and out.

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