The Effects of Weather on Your Car (Both Hot And Cold)

We’ve all complained about it a time or two. There’s salt on the road, there’s humid conditions, there’s extreme heat, there’s any number of things that could start to affect our cars during the more severe seasons – wish as we might, it can’t be spring forever! But the question still remains – does all

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Five Most Commonly Damaged Car Parts in an Accident

Car accidents are an unfortunately common fact of life, and we’ve seen our fair share of them here at B&K. From minor fender benders to large-scale front, rear, or side damage, the forms that a car accident can take are varied and wide-spread. And yet despite all the results and causes of accidents, there are

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3 Reasons To Get Dents Repaired Quickly

Whatever the cause – fender bender, runaway grocery cart, inattentive biker, and so on – dents on your car are never fun. But even if they don’t do your car’s appearance any favors, many people just choose to leave them there, unrepaired and…well, dented. “Hey, it’s not like anything is broken and my car still

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