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When your business relies on transportation with commercial motor vehicles, it is important to minimize any potential impact on your business in order to ensure efficiency, maximize productivity, and avoid unnecessary costs. Here at B&K Collision, we offer a wide range of fleet auto body and collision services in order to prevent any lost time or business and keep your vehicles rolling smoothly, wherever they go.

From ambulances to trucks to school buses, our professionals perform high quality repairs on all different types of fleet vehicles. It is our priority to get you back on the road as quickly as possible, while ensuring your safety and satisfaction. Whatever you drive, whatever your business does, trust B&K Collision with all your fleet repair needs.


Minumum Charge


Diagnostic Fee


Body & Paint

$60 per hour

Paint Material

$39 per hour

Body Material

$5 per hour


    $120 per hour

Frame Repair

    $95 per hour

AC Charge (R134)


AC Charge (1234YF)


4-Way Alignment



    $110 per day


Accidents happen, and often when you least need them to. Here at B&K Collision, we want to do all that we can in order to keep your vehicles looking and driving their best no matter what happens out on the road. We work to ensure not only the efficiency of the vehicle, but your safety whether in a commercial fleet or in a personal vehicle. Our experts are experienced in working with all types of cars, trucks, and SUVs, and all of our work is guaranteed for life.


B&K Collision specializes in auto body fleet repair services for all your vehicles. Get your vehicles back on the road and looking their best after a collision.

If your business relies on a fleet of vehicles to serve your customers and stay in business, we can make sure your vehicles are looking their best and are ready for the road.

Your maintenance and management schedule will vary depending on the type of vehicles you drive and the sort of work your business does. B&K Collision will help work to determine the best maintenance schedule to keep your fleet rolling!