Rust Removal


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Sometimes even your favorite, most dependable car can get a bit rusty. After years of use and driving, all the scratches and dings start to build up which can lead to rust. The longer you wait to get it fixed, the further out the rust will extend, and the bigger the spot grows, the more likely you are to face long-term effects like body and paint damage.

Don’t let your rust spot grow out of control. Here at B&K Collision, our professionals are experienced in removing rust build-up. We ensure that your vehicle will be looking its best when leaving our shop. For any questions about your auto body rust repair, contact us today!


We know that you care about the appearance and safety of your car. Our specialists here at B&K Collision know how to handle rust removal and are experienced in providing services to prevent rust build-up, such as scratch repair and dent repair.


Rust is typically caused by foreign substances on your car’s finish like salt, rain, bird droppings, tree sap and more. Even cars stored in the garage can be subject to rust if not properly cleaned and waxed.

If left untreated, rust can begin to eat at the metal of your car and may affect the exterior of your car by worsening dents or affecting the frame and alignment.

B&K Collision uses a number of environmentally-friendly rust removal products and chemicals to remove rust and work to restore your vehicle’s original appearance without leaving a trace of corrosion!