Scratch Repair


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Other cars, road hazards, scrapes in the parking lot – everybody gets a scratch on their car every once in awhile. While you might not mind it at first, leaving a scratch on your vehicle can lead to further exterior and body problems like rust, paint damage, and more. Prevent future damage by repairing your car today.

Our technicians can repair any scratch your car gets to make sure it won’t get any worse, no matter how deep or how you got it. Whatever type of car or truck you have, from any make or model, B&K Collision can handle all auto scratch repairs quickly and guarantee your satisfaction with your car’s look and condition.


Here at B&K Collision, we can handle all kinds of auto-body appearance touch-ups in addition to car scratch repair, including services like rust removal and paint touch-ups. Our experienced technicians can work on vehicles of any size, and any make and model.


Anything that makes contact with your vehicle has the potential to make a scratch, from accidents with other cars to rocks, pebbles, and tree branches that you may encounter while driving.

Scratch repair can fill, blend, and hide your scratch damage. Not only will this make your car look better, but repairing scratches can actually help prevent rust by sealing the metal and finish of your car.

The process depends on the depth and severity of the scratch, but typically a ‘filler’ material will be applied to the chips and scratches throughout the vehicle, which is then painted over to match the factory standard color of your vehicle.